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When discussing financing efforts in the construction sector, you will have worked with three possible types of clients.  They are:

  • SUB-CONTRACTORS: Those actually performing the work on a job site and being paid for that work by a General Contractor
  • GENERAL CONTRACTORS: Seeking to get advances on progress payments made to them by project owners or banks 
  • SUPPLIERS: Businesses that supply materials to the job site.  This is everything from lumber and trusses to bulk hardware.

Of the three groups, sub-contractors tend to be the most common clients of Wise Business Capital.  It is so common for sub-contractors to find themselves in need of financing due to unforeseen weather conditions, slow delivery of materials, and other events that slow down the progress payments for the general contractor, thus slowing down payments to sub-contractors.  

Just a Few of the Types of Construction Sub-Contractors We Have Funded


Framers andl


Electricians &


Typical Funding Requirements

Construction is one of the slowest paying industries.  In fact, it is not uncommon for sub-contractors to wait nearly 80 days on average for payment on invoices. Providing sub-contractor financing fits in two (2) broad categories and that would be financing for commercial construction or residential construction.  For sub-contractors doing work primarily for residential construction, the most common route is traditional term loans through the SBA 7(A) Loan Program.  For those working primarily in the commercial arena, most sub-contractors will look at invoice factoring due to its flexibility and ease of access.  

Factoring - Availability
Availability 90%
Asset-Based Lending - Availability
Availability 35%
SBA Microloan- Availability
Availability 23%
SBA 7A- Availability
Availability 50%
Equipment Leasing
Availability 85%
Availability 35%

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At Wise Business Capital, we are proud members of the IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers and as such, have access to our association’s Directory of American Factors and Lenders, the largest database of factors and alternative commercial finance providers available in the industry.